Salt Caves

Naturally occurring salt caves appear throughout Asia and Europe. In Poland, for example, there is a giant salt mine in Wieliczka that even contains a respiratory hospital. People wait for months to get into this hospital because of the known healing properties of the salt and the success rate of the hospital.

Until now, the amazing health benefits of salt caves have only been available to those visitors of these natural caves. Now, due to modern technology and innovations in environmentally-friendly building techniques, you can recreate the healing benefits of the salt cave in your own home or business.

Imagine this…relaxing in a zero-gravity chair with the soft pink glow of Himalayan salt and soothing lighting all around you…thousands of pounds of salt…calming soundtrack and narration explaining it all…the relaxing sound of a peaceful water fountain…and whatever other design elements that appeal to you! All in the privacy and comfort of your own home! Or, you can create a salt cave as a business opportunity–providing valuable, needed healing services to the world and making money doing it!

But creating a salt cave is not easy–in addition to understanding traditional building techniques, you also need to know how to work with the salt without it melting. Some people offering salt caves may use materials that can actually be harmful for someone sitting in them–and at the very least will deteriorate the salt quickly, wasting your time and money. You also need to understand air flow, climate control, and design. And you cannot just play any music in your salt cave–it has to be licensed for public performance. Where can you find the information you need? Dr. Margaret Smiechowski is a professional who understands all of these things and will help you design and build your own cave!

Salt Therapy

Watch these short videos to learn more about salt therapy.