Building a Salt Cave

At Salt Cave Inc., we have developed an innovative method of salt cave building. With eco-friendly technology and no cement products each cave is built with a state of the art climate control system.

We build both commercial and non-commercial salt caves, including relaxation and therapeutic salt caves. All designs are customized with the relaxing ambience of pink Himalayan salt.

Our Aesthetic Sensibilities

Himalayan salt has found its way into many spas because of its natural health benefits. However, sometimes caves lack aesthetic properties. For example, staring at white walls in a bright room during a halotherapy session.

Our salt caves will give your client not only the therapeutic effect of salt therapy but an experience they will never forget. Salt Cave Inc. combines salt therapy benefits with aesthetic sensibilities to create a one of a kind salt cave.

Relaxation and Therapeutic Salt Caves

A relaxation salt cave does not contain a salt generator.  In this type of cave we do not have the ability to control the concentration of salt in the air. The cave is less effective than a therapeutic cave.

In a therapeutic salt cave, we install a salt generator with the ability to control the concentration of salt in the air. The length of a session and the level of salt in the air can be programmed to the preferences of the clients.

The therapeutic cave is more effective in the administration of salt therapy than the relaxation cave.

What is the Process?

These are the general steps to having Salt Cave Inc. build you a salt cave:

  • Contact us and we’ll send you a Powerpoint presentation regarding building a salt cave.
  • If you decide to go forward with us, you would sign a nondisclosure/trade secret contract.
  • You would then send a nonrefundable deposit to secure Salt Cave Inc. services.
  • We would contact your architect and begin work on your design.
  • Finally, your salt cave is constructed.

All of our quotes are based on your approximate square footage.